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This area has been home to the finest shoemakers and craftsmen since 1808.
Decades of Venetian tradition have influenced the unique sense of design, color and craftsmanship of  modern Montebelluna. The city is now considered the world’s center for sports shoes, with ice and roller skates as two specialties of this vibrant shoe district.
With distinctive features associated with the use of modern technology, Risport has always stood above its competitors. The company has been an industry leader offering innovative design and using materials and technology which meet the demands of amateur and professional skaters alike. In 1995, Risport became part of the Lange Boot company, a leader in ski boot manufacturing.  Risport is key division of the Rossignol Group and will continue offering cutting-edge technology and steadily evolving solutions to a fast-growing skating community.
Ice skates remain the core of Montebelluna’s long boot manufacturing tradition, where style, design and detailed craftsmanship are a must and passed on from one generation to the next. It’s this “made in Italy” quality which distinguishes our products.
Products are available in different size elds to accommodate the needs of athletes.
Each boot is tied with one or more rated internal aeration technologies to reduce sweat and moisture.
The special angled machining of soles allows skaters to achieve very high lateral inclinations.
Risport has always been engaged in studies and research to make every detail lighter, without compromising on the performance and durability of skates. All components are tested in our laboratory, which is unique in the world of figure skating.
All Risport skates are thermoformable: thanks to the special “Custom My Risport” bag, each boot can be heated uniformly, effectively adapting it to the shape of your foot!
The lacing area is softer around the part of the eyes to offer the most anatomical lacing for the foot.
Reinforcements tested in the laboratory to ensure consistent performance with any degree of bending of the boot.
The upper and the padding have a preformed shape that comfortably wraps around the ankle area and provides the necessary foothold.
Those indicated above are indicative measures, we always recommend you to try the boots first. Quelle indicate qui sopra sono misure indicative, consigliamo sempre di provare prima il pattino.
If your width is between two numbers in the table above , we recommend you to choose the smaller one (eg: if your foot width is 19,6 cm, consider 19,55 cm).
Se la tua larghezza è compresa tra due numeri della tabella, consigliamo di scegliere la larghezza inferiore (es: se la larghezza del tuo piede è di 19,6 cm, considera 19,55 cm).
Remember to wear socks when you measure your foot. Ricordiamo di indossare il calzino durante le misurazioni del piede.
Brand: Risport
Type: Figure Skates
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